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New Domain ...

Post by gorboth » 01 Apr 2010 23:31

Genesis Community,

So much great energy has been flowing since our move to the New Gizmo. Many
many old projects have come back to life, and quite a few new ones are
now running full steam ahead. Nothing could be more evidence of this than
the exciting new project I am happy to bring forth.

Since the early days, we at Genesis have enjoyed being able to roleplay
and adventure in some of our most treasured and popular worlds of fiction
and fantasy. For the last five years or so, many players and wizards have
asked me over and over - will we ever get some Harry Potter content?

I am pleased to announce, the answer is finally one I can make in the
affirmative. A number of new wizards are joining to form a team for a
brand new domain which we are tentatively calling Hogwarts. Hogwarts
wizards will be hard at work to bring this wonderful world of magic and
witchcraft to life, hopefully (dare I say it ...) Before Christmas.

Some preliminary plans:

- 4 layman guilds:

- 2 occupational guilds:
Order of the Phoenix
Death Eaters

- 3 race guilds
House Elf

Obviously, the main content to begin with will be Hogwarts School itself,
with future plans to include the Forbidden Forest, Diagon Alley, and
Godric's Hollow.

I know it is always annoying to get these announcements and then have to
wait to see it actually realized. But! I am sure it will be worth the wait
once we have this exciting new stuff in the game.

Mmmmmm ... pie ...

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Re: New Domain ...

Post by Kitriana » 02 Apr 2010 00:24


While I realize this is all in good jest of April Fools.. it would certainly bring some new fresh blood to the game.
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Re: New Domain ...

Post by Rhynox » 02 Apr 2010 01:47

Awww, the idea is to follow him for a while to trap those who don't check the dates, or (for those in countries like mine) who don't have April's Fools day in April!

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Re: New Domain ...

Post by Eowul » 02 Apr 2010 07:46

Hogwarts is so much cooler as Middle Earth, besides there's 7 books instead of 3 to work with, so that will be so much better! I want to switch!
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Re: New Domain ...

Post by Kas » 02 Apr 2010 14:35


Finally.....or..wait, April's fools joke?

:( *cries his heart out*

Damn you Gorboth, for ruining my dream of becoming a house elf with a wand.

*cast Abracadavra at Gorboth*
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Re: New Domain ...

Post by Bromen » 03 Apr 2010 23:56

Does this put the twilight domain on hold?

How about the worlds of warhammer, everquest, and the Eragon triligoy?


-B :)

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Re: New Domain ...

Post by Tarax the Terrible » 05 Apr 2010 21:36

Someone in the geame who doesn't frequent the forums contacted me about this.
They had been totally sucked in.
They also wanted to form a pact to pkill anyone who joined a Harry Potter domain guild!
:lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: New Domain ...

Post by Rhaegar » 21 May 2010 13:40

Next year, the vampires will return. And they will Sparkle! (see what I did there?)
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Re: New Domain ...

Post by Alorrana » 22 May 2010 01:34

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Re: New Domain ...

Post by Avatar » 22 May 2010 02:53

Rhaegar wrote:Next year, the vampires will return. And they will Sparkle! (see what I did there?)
Yeah, you revived and old and dead thread.
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