Change to Stat Prefs ...

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Re: Change to Stat Prefs ...

Post by Rhaegar » 03 Jun 2010 20:00

The problem with panic is that it resets after you make a successful hit against the enemy, regardless of the number of enemies.
Even a simple, temporary fix that would make counting panic separate for each enemy attacking you (ie. you reset your panic level only for the enemy you hit, not the others) would make things more interesting.
You wouldn't fear 1v1 but 1v3 could pose a problem.
Another thing would be making panic levels dependent on the number of your team members (it's much easier on your mindset when you're fighting 5v2 than 2v5).
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Re: Change to Stat Prefs ...

Post by Bromen » 14 Jun 2010 08:49

It would be nice if dis was needed when wielding or wearing top tier gear.

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