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How to play Baldur's Gate

Posted: 02 Dec 2012 03:12
by Rhaegar
Some of you probably know already that Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition has been released recently (and I hear it sucks) and while reading about it I stumbled upon a hilarious guide on how to abuse the game:
This is cheesy as hell, but if you want to make an overpowered character...

Roll a neutral good half-orc beserker. Stats of 19 / 18 / 19 / 1 / 18 / x. Proficiencies in scimitars and two weapon fighting.

When the game starts, buy the ninja-to and wazik(sp?) sword from the vendor. Take the quest from the mage to get the ID scroll and complete it. Activate Rage skill and kill the mage for 2600 xp (level 2).

Go upstairs and loot the chests. Bash (attack) the locked one in the room with the nobleman. A Watcher (guard) will come and accuse you of stealing. Swear at him to initiate the fight (you should still be enraged). Kill him and equip his armour and helmet.

Find the vendor (he will have moved) and dump everything you are carrying at his feet. Buy 20 bolts and go complete all of the noobie quests. On your way around town, kill every Watcher you see - Except the one in the Jail/barracks (really, dont kill this one yet). When in the infirmary, be sure to be seen when looting the chest, so that another watcher spawns for you to kill. Dont forget to kill the two watchers by the main gate. Dump everything that you loot at the feet of the vendor.

You should be around level 3 now, put the proficiency point in scimitars.

Go into the tutorial building where you get to control a party to fight gibberlings. One of the npcs have a healing potion and a haste potion. Have your character drink both of these while the paladin heals you with lay on hands. Go back to the Jail. There are four locked chests, make sure that the Watcher sees you as you loot each. Each time two watchers will be summoned for you to kill. Kill the final watcher and go back to the vendor.

You should have a pile of items on the floor at the vendor. Sell them in batches. For example, sell 12 suits of platemail at the same time to get maximum value. You should of ended up with about 6700 xp and about 5500 gold.

Leave Candlekeep. Kick Imoen. Head to the FAI and buy the buckler with +1 con. You can equip this when moving between zones, as it will take you to 20 con and giv you regeneration. Get the potion of invis from the upper floors of the FAI and from the manor house in beregost (I think thats where I got them, you also need to keep the haste potion and the cloud giant strength). Head to Nashkel and grab the ankheg plate mail from the field. Go solo the Nashkel mines and get the wazik sword +1 out the other end.

Head to the lighthouse to get the +1 con tome. if you are not willing to reload you need to get a protection from petri buff (grab edwin for it or w/e). If you are not level 6 yet then go north of the FAI and do the ankheg quest etc.

At level 6, head to Drizzt. Buff yourself with potions and rage and attack him. Use the invis potions while waiting for your attack/round timer to reset to get free attacks on him. Loot your new awesome scimitars. Go recruit your level 6 party.


This is a boring way to play as it trivialises the game. But It does get you a super character in about an hour.
And to think that I was always playing it the hard way...

Re: How to play Baldur's Gate

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 17:10
by Tharandil
Anxious to try it, have read some fairly bad reviews but will be intersting anyway

Re: How to play Baldur's Gate

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 17:18
by Arcon
tharandil wrote:Anxious to try it, have read some fairly bad reviews but will be intersting anyway
Please post your own review here. :)