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Rogue One... Potential Spoilers! 
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Even thogh it was kinda gimmicky, I liked the Force Monk character. Not a true jedi.
The character being blind was suggested by the actor, for some trivia.

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30 Dec 2016 06:11
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The girl was awesome, so charismatic.... And there were references to first parts of star wars and somehow boredom was balanced in general outcome. And it's amusing, finding out the origins of Death Star: ) imho.


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31 Dec 2016 18:10
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I'm late to the party, but was avoiding this thread until I had a chance to see it. I just saw it finally, taking my wife and my 11-year-old daughter, who is geekier than I am by half.

I had three responses to the film, because my mood changed as I watched it.

The first third of the film was very interesting, in my opinion. I was taking in a lot of information and trying to process it against my feelings for the rest of the Star Wars canon. Because I was born in 1972, and Star Wars was the first film I remember seeing in a theater (in 1977), it occupies a seminal place in my formative years. I remember the conflicting emotions of having seen all sorts of violence in a corridor with lots of lasers, and then feeling dread and confusion as the door was seared open by sparks and smoke. As the brass fanfare announced the arrival of Darth Vader just a second before I saw his terrifying visage for the first time, I was aware of my father chuckling in utter delight beside me. Star Wars was set as the best film any kid had ever seen, and its sequels continued to occupy that place right up until the 3rd film, where I was annoyed by the Ewoks but felt that the Emporer and his powers, the pathos of Vader's redemption, and the "grief mingled with love" displayed in the final scene added up to the most satisfying and breathtaking series of films I'd ever imagined. Okay ... so that was when I was a kid. Sadly, only the first film survives viewings as an adult. I still love it, and feel that its audacity, earnest-nature, and bold vision remain one of the triumphs of experimental filmmaking. It remains damned fun to watch, and I will never turn down an opportunity to see it. As an adult, I can now say that I feel the Star Wars franchise is the most overrated film series in the history of the art form. How can it not be? People like I, who was born in the early 70's, were typically incapable of experiencing the first films as anything other than the best thing that had ever happened to us. As adults, too many of us kept that opinion, and as such, never updated our appraisals of the films. Return of the Jedi is actually pretty godawful - pandering to toymakers, self-referential shlock, and laughable writing and dialogue. So ... with all that context now stated, I will again state that the first third of the new movie was mostly "interesting" to me as I tried to figure out where this film was going, and how it was dealing with all sorts of new material that I'd never thought of.

The middle third of the film was bad. It was boring, and my daughter kept asking me how much time was left in the movie. My wife fell asleep. I was thinking - ugh ... this isn't turning out to be a very good movie. I was also bothered by the fact that Vader's voice was unmistakably not the same as it had been when J.E. Jones was a younger man. He sounded sort of drunk or like he was trying to recover from having eaten too much meatloaf. Anyway - who am I to talk about people getting old ... heh.

But then they started the final mission, and things took a turn. I thought that the final third of the film was absolutely wonderful. For the first time since the movie started, I became aware that my face was starting to register the fatigue of grinning for an extended period of time. I think I was grinning for about 45 minutes solid. Every bit of that last 3rd of the movie was note-perfect for me. My daughter started to nudge me because, like my father 40 years ago, I was audibly giggling in delight again and again. I realized how much fun I was having watching the mayhem unfold before me. I realized how much this contrasted with another recent film I saw which featured constant mayhem - "Captain America: Civil War." That movie was legitimately boring, and after seeing it I didn't really know why so much action and cool stunts and special effects didn't do anything for me. I realized, now watching a Star Wars movie, that in the Marvel Film I was basically watching the same 5 people attack eachother for 2 hours. They were spectacularly filmed, but none of the violene or action seemed to matter. Hit Iron man for the 47th time - oh, a new dent on his armour. Hmmm ... maybe he'll say a funny line. Oh, he sort of did. Not really. But here, in Star Wars, the action was actually accomplishing something for the story - it was a war scenareo, and gains and losses were apparent on both sides of the conflict. People died, rather than just got bloodied or angry. The story moved forward as the action played out, and I knew where it was headed. As the movie closed, and the familiar fanfare announced that I was about to watch the credits for an honest-to-goodness Star Wars film, I felt the way I had always done before: really really sad it was over, and amazed at how much fun I'd just had.

So, looking at all that - I guess the film was somewhat inconsistent in its pacing for me. Overall, I will say without worrying too much about it, that this was my favorite Star Wars movie other than the original. In a way, this feels like it might have elevated the original somewhat, helping to alleviate the annoyence I felt, even as a kid, that something like the Death Star was able to be blown up in such a goofy and implausible manner. This gives all of that a remarkably logical framework, and helps me imagine that this is actually what was going on (sorry Lucas, no credit to you - your stories are dumb.)

As with any performance, the mantra "end well" carries meaning. I'll stick with how I felt at the end. I think this is a wonderful film.


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19 Jan 2017 21:39

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Ody wrote:
Try this. Imagine if this was a standalone movie and it wasn't leaning on the other movies. Then it just becomes a boring, dull, plastic, carbon copy syfi movie like a billion others. The characters are unlikable and plastic, it's pretty sure, but without relying on the "StarWars" title it's a bad syfi movie with an unsatisfying ending.

Oh... It was VERY satisfying ending... They died so they won't appear in sequels. Sorry for spoiler.

24 Jan 2017 02:41
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