GenesisMUD - a PvP, M+, and raiding guild in Tarren Mill-EU

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GenesisMUD - a PvP, M+, and raiding guild in Tarren Mill-EU

Post by Dhez » 08 Aug 2018 16:58

Obviously Horde, because it's the only true faction.

A couple of us have begun a guild representing GenesisMUD in Tarren Mill-EU to support the warchief Sylvanas in burning down the elf hive of Teldrassil, acquire all the azerite pieces possible before the alliance scum snatch it from our hands and wage war against the traitors who dared march against Lordaeron.

If you also fight on the side of leaders of old such as mighty Garrosh, wise Vol'jin, and now Miss Windrunner herself, feel hereby invited to march under the banner of the Horde wearing your GenesisMUD tabard.

We will be organizing PvP events, Keystones, and raids as they unfold in Battle for Azeroth.

All Genesis players welcome. For an invite, please contact our recruitment officers:


And remember - Lok-tar ogar!

Main motivation for this is the coming launch of Battle for Azeroth on August 14th.

Get psyched:

You see a mousetrap. I see free cheese and a challenge.
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