Blood Bowl

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Blood Bowl

Post by Morglum » 31 Mar 2020 04:04

Is anyone else playing it?

I've been playing this game for many years now and it's one of my goto games for some ridiculous fantasy fun. For those not in the know it's a game where teams composed of Warhammer world creatures play against each other in a parody of rugby (with more hitting each other). Basically, you play the role of a team coach/manager, hiring players who gain experience for matches, gain new skills (or sustain horrific injuries) and develop over the course of their career.

Despite it being completely ridiculous and imbalanced affair it's actually a very fun and challenging strategy game. It's available in the tabletop format since the mid '80's and in computer game format in the form of Blood Bowl, Blood Bowl 2 and FUMBBL. BB1 and BB2 games differ in price, graphics and have a few different teams (none of them has all of them). FUMBBL is f2p as it runs in a Java applet (it can run on a potato) and has all the teams available.

I'm sometimes streaming my games on FUMBBL in the genesis discord if you'd like to see how it looks like. If more people here play this or are interested in starting out we could maybe even create a Genesis League.

In any case, if you'd like to start here are some resources:
YouTube streams of BB1/BB2 games with commentary: ... uv217TFtJw ... MmDmGZw7WA

If you decide to pick up the game in any format here are some quick tips to get you started:
1. If you're new pick Orcs, Shambling Undead (just Undead in BB1/BB2) or Dark Elves. Those are the most "newbie friendly" teams and are pretty great at learning the game. Orcs are a bash team, which means they're slow to score but bully the opposition on the pitch, they're also very tough. Undead are a bash team with some fast but fragile players to handle the ball in the form of ghouls and Dark Elves are a versatile team that can outbash other elf teams and outelf other bash teams (just keep in mind you're the weakest bash team and the weakes elf team so you have to play counter to your opponent), pick them up if you like some more fancy playstyle with passing the ball around etc.
2. Minimize the risks. Seriously, this game is all about minimizing the risk. Since you're throwing D6's in it it means that each +/-1 to your roll is a whooping 17% chance swing. Also, in this game your turn lasts until you've activated all of your players or failed a roll with one (at which point your turn ends immediately) so it's imperative to manage this. Best way to do that in the beginning is to start with actions that are 100% safe, meaning actions that don't require any roll (standing fallen players up, moving about without having to dodge, etc.) or that might require a dice roll but there's no chance of a turnover (stabbing people, hypnotic gaze etc.). Then you proceed to actions that have the highest probability of success (2 dice blocks, 2+/3+ dodges with dodge skill) and move on to more risky stuff (one die blocks, 2+/3+ dodges without dodge skill, picking up the ball, handing over the ball).

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Re: Blood Bowl

Post by Mim » 31 Mar 2020 19:34

Never heard about it.

I usually play rogue likes.

and now Tales of Maj Eyal.

Theese are all single player games.
Move one move and the game responds playing all mobs and monsters towards you.
They are great fun, addictive and hard to let go until you finally won.
Mim is far from the oldest character in playing time in Genesis.
But if I added all my gaming time from the roguelikes he would be among the top ranked chars in playing time.

The lastest, Tales of Maj Eyal is damn fun.
I started with a hobbit rogue.
Stealth and HUGE damage with 2 daggers.
But still a difficult character in some crowded areas as he doesnt have crowd control.
Then a wild fire mage. Pure fire damage sizzy mage who burns most things to crisps within a few moves.
Hates warrior opponents with charge attacks that can insta kill a mage who hasnt got his shields up.

The rogue cleared 'normal'.
In nightmare he ran into more problems.
I switched to poison tree which was very good until the end game where most mobs are poison resistant or immune.
With the mage I had no chance, so back to the rogue and finally, with some luck I kicked the endgames arse too.

Over to insane mode.
Insane was really insane.
For some odd reason I managed to get my rogue to the endgame.
There I was immidiately in DEEP shit.
But one of those mages teleported me away to a corner of the room and followed, while the badass warrior was stuck with the knight in another corner.
And a mage vs a powerful rogue is no match. Not even here. So down he went.
Then over to the warrior who had killed the knight.
I managed, followed by the warrior, to close all the portals where nasty mobs came over and over unless you closed them.

Finally, my rogue Tom, and the warrior against one another.
No one to disturb...
But it was a stale mate.
Impossible to bring him down with poison.

So switch tactics and instead of poison, try assasine tree.
Assasine tree has some high damage skills.
Coup-de-grace and another finishing skill with tremendous damage for 4 turns.

But I never got him to the end game.
The mage was even worse.

So check youtube and google Tales of Maj Eyal.
There I found a cool character I never even thought of.

A blob of acid and poisonous stuff moving around.
This was a fun character.
Took me a few weeks to optimise him to insane and for me to learn how to play him.
Got to the endgame and had almost finished the mage when I got blinded for some 8 turns with no cure blindness.

Then a few weeks and there I was again and now they just died.
Game Won!!!

There is this madness difficulty.

But my oozemancer has now after 6 months made it to lvl 30 and about 1/6th of the game.
Lot of fun.
Total tactic change. Now its survival at ALL cost.
Offensive powers are left slowly to me swapped with extra life items, spell save, mindsave, physical save.
teleport away is a must (also very dangerous)
Every lvl has many many minor bosses and a few major bosses.
And most (all?) have HUNTING on, meaning the come after you from the whole lvl.

Tales of Maj Eyal is a damn cool game.
A LOT of fun character and skill trees I sometimes wish could find their way into Genesis.
As an explorer, you have done enough to retire.

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