Age of Conan - A Love Letter

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Age of Conan - A Love Letter

Post by Zhar » 06 Dec 2020 14:35

Recently I've been revisiting some of the old MMOs I used to play. One of them is the Age of Conan and I must say it still amazes me how well designed it was when it comes to questing. In fact, it's so good that I've decided to create this thread here.

The early game area in AoC (for levels 1-20 more or less) is probably the best designed area when it comes to quests and story in any RPG ever and in my eyes it even beats most (if not all) of even single player games.

Each class you play can belong to one of four archetypes (soldier, priest, mage, rogue) and each archetype has a different quest chain in regards to the main story quest. Basically, you join the resistance to help deal with the tyrant of Tortage and depending on your archetype you'll take a different part in it while hearing about the exploits of other archetypes. Now and again I will create 4 characters on the server just to experience this story in full again as it's a really cool design. For example as a rogue you'll sneak up on some of the tyrant's soldiers kidnapping a guy, as a mage you go and save him by killing his captors, unfortunately the guy got poisoned which requires the attention of a priest and a soldier has to protect him and bring him back. Later on the mage enlists as evil sorceress' apprentice and learns about a certain ritual so the rogue has to sneakily swap one of the key components etc. etc.

If you have never played this game I urge you to try it out as it's a real treat for any RPG fan. Especially now that AoC is free.

Just mind the fact that this game is completely NSFW due to language, violence (sweet, sweet fatalities) and nudity.
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Re: Age of Conan - A Love Letter

Post by Amberlee » 07 Dec 2020 13:59

This makes me want to reinstall it.
Unfortunately it really suffers from a very bad late mid-endgame.
Right after release it was in fact so bad that you ran out of quests and even level mobs like 10 levels before the max level and you had to grind lower level mobs to even reach max level.
This was however fixed a year in as the raids started popping up and it became a complete game, with sadly a bad endgame content.
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