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Upcoming Move ...

Post by gorboth » 11 Oct 2011 10:33

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Reading note 50 on the board 'Info' in the category 'Adm'.
Move Details ...                           54 Gorboth     Keeper  10 Oct 2011

Hello everyone,

I wanted to update you all about the state of the gizmo and how that
will impact game stability in the next few days. The netherworld
location in which the gizmo sits has been compromised, making it necessary
to move the gizmo from Israel back to Sweden.

The good news about all of this is that for most players this will
result in an improvement in latency (less lag) as you type commands
in the game. Obviously, the improvement will be felt the most significantly
in European nations (especially the north.) However, players from 
the United States and elsewhere should detect an improvement as well.

The bad news is that we will be experiencing an unscheduled shutdown
of the game sometime in the next week. When the time is right, Cotillion
will trigger an Armageddon, the game will go down for a short period
of time, the switch will be flipped on the new gizmo, and the game will
come back up from it's new location in Sweden. This Armageddon will be
in *addition* to the regularly scheduled one. It may come earlier than
the scheduled one, and it may come after, whichever fits the moving
pieces of the puzzle. Because this is an unscheduled Armaggeddon, it
means that all items carried by players will save, even if they are not
glowing. Imbuements may or may not function correctly here, so it is
advised that you get the stones while you can. The Armageddon will
happen with the standard 10 or so minutes to sell, harvest imbuements,
whatnot. So be prepared! (Also, obviously, if the unscheduled Army happens
before the scheduled one, it will *replace* the scheduled one - we
won't have two.)

My last Common Board post informed all of you that the game would be
unstable for the next week. As such, there will be *zero* restorations
of objects or imbuement-related material due to this transition. Please
do not ask. (seriously ... don't ... thanks!)

Also, you should all check your game clients to make sure that you are
not logging in to Genesis using an ip address. If you are, the switch
will cause you to not find the new gizmo. Everyone should, right now,
make sure that their client is looking for the hostname:

    mud.genesismud.org      port:3011

This address is static, and will always point you to the correct game
even if we have switched gizmos.

Thank you all for your patience in this transition. We will be in a better
situation very soon. Big thanks to Cotillion and Lunatari for helping
with the move. Thanks again, too, to Tapakah for his help in Israel.


p.s. It is possible that the game will need to remain down for a few
     hours during the transition time. We will work to make this as
     seamless as possible, but you never know. Expect at least a little
     bit of downtime.
This was posted today on the Common Board. However, since we have moved the website but not the game itself, it was not automatically moved to our Common Board section in the forum. So, you can read it here.
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