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Updated Forum Moderation!

Posted: 08 Mar 2016 00:12
by gorboth
  • Community discussion, fun, and sharing is why the forum was created.
  • Clear and consistent moderation is now going into effect to return us to that standard. (see below for details.)
Fellow Forum Folks,

At the date of this posting, we find ourselves in a grim situation here on the Official Forum. Things have degraded drastically from what was intended for this place. Take a moment to read this quote from my charter post, back in March of 2010:
gorboth wrote: ... you have found your way to a place of productivity, community, and positive game-building energies! Here the posts you and others contribute will be happily and vigorously moderated by your hard-working official Admin staff of the Game itself. Ahhhh ... breathe the fresh air!
*inhales deeply*

ACK!!! ..........

*clutch chest*

Oh my, no. No, indeed. Whatever has happened!?! Well, it is very simple - the moderation that was proposed at the outset was not sustained, allowing negative, mean-spirited, and profane posts to creep in. This happened slowly at first but, as such things were allowed to stand, the old axiom "You get what you settle for" proved true and we ended up with this wonderful new normal. A normal which (at the present time) features a vocal minority constantly dominating threads with toxic and community-killing ugliness against one another and the wizards. We've settled for it, and it has taken root and begun to grow even in users who otherwise would know better and never sink to such depths. But ... hey ... when in Rome, right?

Blarg, I say! Not on my watch! [Cherek and Mirandus cheering in background]

(over loudspeaker) "RELEASE THE GNOMISH THREAD-O-BOT 143-B!!" [whizz! brrt! woop-woop-woop!]

Ah, just look at the little devil go. Yes, that ... er ... perfectly safe(TM) invention (fresh from Mt. Nevermind) will be spinning around from henceforth clearing out any unwanted trash from the threads in the forum. Oh look, it has even started to attack older threads! So cute ...

So ... what counts as trash? I'm so glad you asked!
  • Profanity (yup. we don't want it. don't need it.)
  • Being mean, cruel, hurtful, nasty, etc. (seriously. just stop. who really likes this? we certainly don't. if you do, go shout at your cactus or something.)
  • Hijacking the thread (sometimes we can create a new thread for it, but if you are a repeat offender, it will just be deleted)
  • Revealing things about others that should remain private (common sense, common decency)
  • Conspiracy theories (go operate a HAM radio or something)
  • Annoying nonsense (subjectivity, ftw! no, this is not your personal blog to use as you see fit.)
Trash! All trash! And who will really miss it? Also, know that if you post the above stuff, the Thread-O-Bot does not move it conveniently to the Flames section for you. Nonononono. It will be DELETED!! *cackle*

Wait, did I just cackle? I just cackled ... hmm. Well, this has been needed for such a long time, who can help a bit of a cackle? I believe I also hear some dancing and cheering from the silent majority who have been putting up with all this noxious swampgas in their forum for so long. Those dear-hearts who simply love the smell of swampgas and who are outraged at the idea of a positive, well-moderated forum ... well ... allow me to direct you to my backyard where you are invited to pound sand with your fists as hard as you like for as long as you like. Where is my backyard? Oh, just follow that sign labeled "Flame Section." We don't moderate back there ... much.

Here's to a bright new day,

Re: Updated Forum Moderation!

Posted: 08 Mar 2016 00:13
by gorboth
*cheers wildly!!!*

*locks topic*