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Post by Poultry » 20 Mar 2020 04:38

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Quackzy is a savage senile male minotaur, presenting himself as:
Quackzy De-Kaz of Mithas, the Powerful Gladiator of Athas and Musclebound
Challenger of the Bloodsea Minotaurs, adept, male minotaur.
He has scars on his left leg, right leg, nose, left arm, right arm, left hand,
right hand, forehead, left cheek and right cheek.
He has the long characteristic horns of a proud minotaur from Krynn.
He has the brutal scars of a Gladiator.
He looks less burdened than usual.
He is wearing an iron cuirasse and a newbie pin.
He is extremely short and very fat for a minotaur.
He looks handsome.
He seems to be feeling very well.

Apparently Quackzy thinks he's tough and evil and he likes to kill those
smaller than he. If he attacks you or kills you, please send me a log of the
event as well as a summary of what (if anything) you did to earn his wrath. If
he is sufficiently unfounded in his reasoning, I will being hunting him myself.

--Mother Poultry of the White

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