Re: Skunk Berries and Herbalists

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Re: Skunk Berries and Herbalists

Post by Postmaster » 01 Aug 2020 16:27

Originally posted by Anvareth

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I am glad to see more experienced people giving useful information
to the young ones. But with regards to skunk berries I'd like
to propose a bit different approach. Since it is a herb that
is required to complete one of the small tasks in Gont,
especially useful for smaller humans I'd like to suggest that
those more experienced do not buy skunks from Gont herbalist
at all and perhaps even leave a few there. I know this herb
is in high demand for some (personally I never use it myeself) but
I think we could all agree that making life easier, especially for
those new to the Realms should also be of concern to us. Trying
to do this particular task in Gont when the area is being constantly
herbed for skunk berries can be an arduous and frustrating experience.

So, I would kindly ask everyone to not buy skunks from Gont herbalist
unless the stock is above 10 (and then you shouldn't drop it below 10).

I know that some will probably find this as an opportunity to buy out
this meagre stock to make some lousy coin, but we can't be deterred
by such people. Let's all work together to make the Realms a better place.

Join the skunk protection movement! Save the newbies!

- Anvareth Silverfang

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