Pack trap! Check your pockets!

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Pack trap! Check your pockets!

Post by Postmaster » 18 Oct 2020 02:25

Originally posted by Iria

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Blessed Be!

I woke to an unattended scrip in the Sparkle Church filled with treasure.  The
scrip had no label, and from my best guess, someone sleepy and just waking may
have accidentally placed items inside the scrip instead of their own.

Please check your pockets.  An imbued item, several unimbued pieces of jewelry,
and three quite nice axes, were left in the scrip.  If you can tell me what you
are likely missing, it is yours.  I have a good idea who uses axes in the
realms from asking around, but if you hear or know of someone missing such
things, please have them contact me.

Iria Night of House Agarwaen, Seeker of the Elementals

(OOC:  mail Iria, poke your friends, please! )

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