Craftsman Guild Idea: Tacticians.

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Craftsman Guild Idea: Tacticians.

Post by Postmaster » 04 Oct 2010 22:03

Originally posted by Tanor

I came up with idea of making team of players feeling more
like a squad than just a bunch of peopple invited by someone.
The tactics is what make difference and leader beeing a tactician,
will gain ability of regrouping and efectively commanding
peopple he/she is responsible for.

First of all, assigning positions in team frontline, backline etc.
allowing protection of spellcasters, ranged weapon warriors and/or
youngster who are just learning the art of engagement. Active
commanding by switching players in front line or those who need
to be protected.

The abilities should not be granted though, They shall depend on a skill
of commander and obediance of team members. Skill should be improved
not by the guild stat but after achiving some experience in it,
eg. initial skill level should be superior layman, after that
commander should prove himself in the heat of battle to achive
right to train higher. The team members should be drilled
to obey orders. Before succesfuly commanding them adept
of tacticians guild should perform drilling routines, until
he/she gets impression that his orders are fulfilled by team members.
there might be added element of racial animosities to make it
look more realistic: eg. Dwarf will never obey an order from a Goblin,
etc. The best commanders however should be able to command a well oiled
and highly efective war machine able to cut down enemies. Additionaly,
teammembers could have discipline of their leader, beeing able to
attack foes that otherwise would make tham tremble from fear.

I am awaitning your thoughts of this idea,
will it be usefull, or will it unbalance the game?

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Re: Craftsman Guild Idea: Tacticians.

Post by Rhynox » 04 Oct 2010 22:37

This goes against the basic idea of craftsmen... although it would be interesting for a layman guild, although it would pick stuff from the knights, old mercenaries and the old discipline system...

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Re: Craftsman Guild Idea: Tacticians.

Post by Recoba » 05 Oct 2010 00:11

The chaos that might erupt in team combat is a big part of the fun (and cause a big part of the fatalities...). I don't know if I'd agree with making team combat so controlled and easy.

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Re: Craftsman Guild Idea: Tacticians.

Post by Rhynox » 05 Oct 2010 05:11

I remember complaining to Mercade when he created the "buy ticket for team" stuff, because it only made easier to carry bots. If you were controlling NPCs this could work (for example, goblins being able to lead wolf packs, training them, and then setting them up for combat).

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Re: Craftsman Guild Idea: Tacticians.

Post by Yanus » 05 Oct 2010 14:26

Tanor - do you have any examples of other ways of team combat on muds?

The problem is that we should start with changing the way teams fight atm, and then start thinking how we could give powers of controlling it to the players.

What do you think about using DIS stat instead craft guild?

Chaos? I think the level of chaos in team combat would rise after implementing that idea.

And that'd add some challenge to the bigger players. That's for sure.

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