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Re: mortal levels

Post by Rhynox » 10 Jun 2011 08:11

If you are in a cave with lots of orcs, you kill them. After you finish
them all, you start exploring.

Back in time when champion was the ultimate title (which came after
veteran, for those too young to have ever seen them), achieving it could
be done in a couple of months of regular playing, or in a week or two of
hardcore playing. As Hades said, there were some that after reaching
champion continued grinding, while others decided to stop. However, they
were all champions, sharing the same top level. During wars, people would
fight, die, and go back to the fight, having fun at the same time. There
were lots who, having the highest title available, decided to spend time
doing other activities (forging, herbing, questing, roleplaying, etc).

When the new titles arrived, it pulled the carrot farther. Many who were
just champion (and happy enough to have achieved the ultimate title)
found themselves as experts (like myself). Others who were champion
turned hero, others kept their champion title, and a few became legends.
With the change there were a few legends (Kithkanan, Xar, Kuti and
Dionysos from what I remember). People who would have done other
activities started grinding again. This left Genesis with a lack of
grinding points, forcing the introduction of new grinding areas
(Trollshaws, Mithas, Fargorn, Qualinesti, Icewall, haradrims) and later
the modification of areas to give more experience (Ribos, the goblin
caves in Terel, etc). And with the bigger enemies came stronger weapons
and armours to protect against those bigger enemies. Or what we would
call in real life, inflation.

The thing is, players just starting (and who used to need a couple of
months of regular play, maybe two or three hours per day, to reach the
ultimate title) now require much longer than that. And the growth rate
of a new player is slower than the one of an old player. Therefore,
new players start playing a game where everyone is legend or myth and
not interested in helping them grow.

If you bring new mortal titles, you will only be discouraging new
people who find themselves even farther from the highest titles.

I think Genesis will start shining again when everyone here turns myth,
just like back in time everyone was champion and they fought each other
without worries about dying.

That is why I proposed, time ago, a global experience modificator so
that the average of all the logged in mortals in Genesis be taken as
average, with people smaller than that average receiving a plus for the
experience they get, while those above it either get a penalty or
continue getting the same experience. This would increase the growth of
small players and slow the growth of large ones. That way a novice
online at a time when there are lots of myths will grow faster and
become able to join guilds and share teams with bigger people faster.

Rhynox' player

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