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Post by Amorana » 31 May 2015 22:26

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/          Denizens of Genesis, Hear my Words              \
|____                                                      |
| ||                                                       |
| ||he Elemental Circles have stood quietly by for an      |
|Eternity. Since the dawn of time, there have been those   |
|who practiced our ways, and to the end of time there shall|
|be the same. We are the followers of the Elementals. We   |
|are family. We are one body, one faith.                   |
|                                                          |
| Twice now has the one named Stilgaar come to this very   |
|place to bear false witness against the Circles. Such     |
|stories are not new. So long as man has had a tongue,     |
|there have been those who use it only to tell falsehoods. |
|Such lies, deceit, and propoganda are nothing new. These  |
|are the tools of the fell tower. They are short-sighted.  |
|We care not for such trivialities. These things are       |
|better left where they belong - cowering in hollows       |
|in the darkness.                                          |
|                                                          |
| Know this - the Circles remain unbroken. We are whole.   |
|Should any among you who read this doubt that: we will    |
|be happy to Educate the Easterlings, the Variag, the      |
|Haradrim, or any other on the contemporary nature of      |
|politics and propoganda... on manners... and on the       |
|full weight of what it means to be one united family. That|
|through such an Education the veil of lies and deceit     |
|woven by those from the East can be lifted from your eyes |
|in order that you may truly be Free. Free of those who    |
|would send you into the fury of the shadows rather than to|
|risk such dangers themselves. That through such an        |
|an Education you may be encouraged to release yourselves  |
|from the shackles of slavery and corruption, standing free|
|and away from a tower bent only on using you in the       |
|fallible endeavors of the Soulless.                       |
|                                                          |
|                                              Reverently, |
|                                             The Emissary |
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