My Quest

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My Quest

Post by Aimee » 13 Dec 2016 04:33

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Greetings to you all,

My name is Aimee Xelith and I am a student at the School of Magic. Many
of you may recognize my name as I had been a Knight of Solamnia, even
acting as High Warrior and High Clerist at one time. My honour is
unquestionable and my desire to help and assist those in need is

I write this as a means of record. I have left the knighthood, where
I dedicated myself to Martial arts so that I might save those who
could not save themselves. The blood of the innocent ran red in the
streets at the hands of malcontents and those who would impose their
tyrannical rule upon the populace.

Seeing that the Martial Arts failed me, I sought out other means
that I might accomplish this goal. Hearing of the school of magic
I felt that this might be a chance for me to expand my knowledge
and save the lives of those who suffer.

Hearing the call of the gods of Krynn, which god I am unsure but
the voice echos deep within, I left the Knighthood and sought the
school where I might learn harness magic.

So, as it stands now, I seek knowledge. I seek the knowledge to
help save the lives of those who suffer. To help end that suffering
and bring peace. I seek to find a means that was never available
through the use of the blade.

I seek to save the innocent from death. Know that should you need aid
I will help.

Aimee Xelith, Aspirant of Sorcery
vita aeterna

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