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Terel full of confused people?
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Author:  Postmaster [ 12 Jun 2017 21:11 ]
Post subject:  Terel full of confused people?

Originally posted by Bah

I haven't traveled for long within the lands, but the people of Terel must be
the most confused people there is, or so I hope. They keep refusing me entrance
and instist on calling me a Goblin, either being ignorant fools, or just seing
that my horns are still growing and feel they can bully me due to my youth.
Either way I will not stand for it infinitly, but for now I just bring more
food and drink on my trael to these lands.

What's even worse, I was sent to Terel to learn to adapt from some fellow
called Arlenn, but the guards refuse to let me enter without any explanation. I
guess I'll force my way in some day, but I'm not sure if I would be allowed to
train after that, even if I would explain their behaviour and that it was a
just action.

Also, are trainers in adventure guilds known to cheat folks in their training,
I am learning small things and exploring the world before deciding to do when I
grow up, which has seen me run errands and help with tasks I hope my ancestors
will forgive me when I start being able to prove my worth for real. At one
point I sit with a pesky pestel and a cursed mortar so small in size that I
keep dropping them all on the floor - when not hurling it into the wall. I have
learned everything I can about herbalism and alchemy from the guilds, but still
cannot get my fingers to fiddle correctly with these small things. Have the
trainers cheated me in their training!?


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