Thief in Sparkle!

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Thief in Sparkle!

Post by Postmaster » 17 Jun 2017 14:03

Originally posted by Talon

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Beware! Thieves!

Well, actually only one. And he seems to be pretty lousy at stealing, though he
did manage to pick an unworn pack I had with me. It was full of food.

He is an adolescent disheveled male human.
He has scars on his nose, left arm, right arm, left hand, forehead and right
He has the air of one who is experienced in many things.
He is wielding a blackened mithril scimitar in his right hand.
He is pondering the situation.
He is short and lean for a human.
He looks like the image of perfection.
He seems to be feeling very well.
He is wearing a golden scabbard.
He is wearing a practical leather scrip, a shredded death shroud, a gorgeous
diamond-encrusted platinum torque and a pair of black leather gloves.

Remember to keep your loose items in side worn and closed packs, purses,
pouches, etc. And do this every time you travel through Sparkle! This town is
infested with thieves! Well, just one!

Talon Black

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