Behold, Students of High Magic

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Behold, Students of High Magic

Post by nils » 13 Jul 2017 23:33

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Since the immortals of this realm are unable or unwilling to remedy the
situation in regards to theft while invisible, I and several others now hold
your school responsible for every student’s action. My name is Nils, and I
carry the description dangerous savage male goblin. If you are unknown to me
and I am able to distinguish that you are a student at said school - I will
make effort to kill you for being a thief. The fact that you are not is of no
import. I do this as an individual, not as a representative of my guild.

While you may not be a thief, you certainly have the ability to be invisible,
and hence able to rob me.  
I will hunt untrusted Students of High Sorcery until the immortals take action.

Lesser guilds deserve their suffering, you feel unjustly nerfed and want to be restored to your rightful glory... huh. I guess you're Genesis Hitler then. It feels so sweet to say this.. Fuck you, Hitler.
-Drazson, 21.07.2019

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