In reply--if had--to Nils

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In reply--if had--to Nils

Post by Sibbedidenn » 14 Jul 2017 07:03

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This is first (aren't firsts great) to me, someones declaring a war on a bloc
single handedly; something that moves me to aplaud and in eagerness, await the
outcome. As a mage myself, although I am of the academy at Gelan, I am somewhat
surprised I did not feel any fraternal resignations to the aplauding I have
given as I mentioned. But what I am getting at and I am getting, at, it. Is:
Why don't you if you are succesful make a guild comprhending some sort of witch
hunter's society. Of course a "Witch Hunter" guild would really be a mage
hunter guild and perhaps even defeat your singular purpose, viz. that of
protesting these thief cunnys(tm), I think if you surface fairly uninhibited
from this whole ordeal: I sure wouldn't mind joining up... and I am a bloody
This would have to be unofficial naturally, as it would be a sort of, well that
is the word, [unofficial] guild. I would sadly be a sworn enemy or at least
suspect if you (or anyone for that matter) ever takes such a thing up. But I do
wish you well either way.
With warm regards and wishes, Sib

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