Mercenary for hire

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Mercenary for hire

Post by Postmaster » 05 Jul 2017 19:00

Originally posted by Neko

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I would love to grand anymew the offer of my services, for any contract mew is
willing to pay another for.
I specilize in grinding and as a guide.

My commom contract costs are;
Grinding: roughly 2 gc (depening on my work) + 1 fourth of loot
Quests for Karkadelt: roughly 1 gc and 6 sc (depending on my work) + 1 fourth
of loot.
Guide (no killing): roughly 1 gc (depending on the journey's length) + any ship
Guide (killing): roughly 3 gc (depending on the journey's length and the amount
of work I do) + any ship fare + one fourth the loot.

If mew have any other contract request, mew is more than welcome to mail me
mewr contract.
Please if mew is interested in me services please mail me, my name is neko. In
mewr mail please state mewr contract, time (to avaiod confusion please use
eastern standard time), and place mew would like to meet.

Why should mew hire me?
Mew should hire me because I am cheap and I dislike leaving a costumer unhappy.

-Neko the cat
P.S. for most contracts I require half of the pay upfront and half after I have
completed the contract.

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