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Behold, Students of High Magic

Posted: 13 Jul 2017 23:33
by nils

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Since the immortals of this realm are unable or unwilling to remedy the
situation in regards to theft while invisible, I and several others now hold
your school responsible for every student’s action. My name is Nils, and I
carry the description dangerous savage male goblin. If you are unknown to me
and I am able to distinguish that you are a student at said school - I will
make effort to kill you for being a thief. The fact that you are not is of no
import. I do this as an individual, not as a representative of my guild.

While you may not be a thief, you certainly have the ability to be invisible,
and hence able to rob me.  
I will hunt untrusted Students of High Sorcery until the immortals take action.