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Dishoborable discharge 
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Hail in the name of Ariakas, rightful Emperor of Krynn!

Today marks a new beginning for the Red Dragonarmy of her majesty the
Dark Queen Takhisis.  It marks the first step of returning the Red to
it's old glory, when we were one of the most powerful and most feared
force not just in Krynn and Ansalon, but perhaps the entire world of

For the years during which I was held in captivity, unable to see the
light of day or stars at night, the might and glory of the Red Dragon-
army had slowly waned and disappeared into the void. Old Soldiers and
Officers were killed, some retired and decided to turn in their worn
uniforms for something else, or forever.  New recruits came, but they
arrived in smaller and smaller bands over the years, until the stream
became a trickle, and eventually dried out.  In my captivity i heard
different rumors, but did not know whether to believe them or not. I
hoped for an escape back into the world, and I did that, after many a
year.  The state of the Red Dragonarmy when I finally managed to slip
my prison several months ago was dire, and had been for years.

For at least three years, former general Einar had made sure to trick
and confuse Emperor Ariakas by showing up with reports of successful
ventures of the army that existed only in his imagination. He let the
requirement of showing up to face the Emperor once every couple weeks
become more important than actually tending to the Red, which he had
been entrusted to command. Seeing such trickery at work made my heart
boil with rage and pain for the army which I myself had helped start
many years ago.

As an inactive leader of the Red Dragonarmy, Einar had to die, and it
had to happen by hand of someone whom he could not expel immediately.
Reason and common sense of army pride did not previal in his corrupt
soul. Instead, he promptly dismissed all attempts of those who cared
about the Red to convince him to step aside, in order to allow other,
more dedicated Officers to attempt to right the ship. He did not try
to study the history of his own Army in order to see the effects his
so-called leadership was having. He was blinded by his perception of
power over others so much, that he failed to see that he had lost all
respect of those he was supposed to command and lead to glory.

Those of us who are older and wiser than most, understand the virtue
of patience. As an inactive leader, Einar was sentenced to death for
over a month. All it took was patience and perseverance on the the
part of people who have willingly and eagerly joined the close-knit
circle of executors of justice. Old battle-hardened friends, former
Red Dragonarmy soldiers, Officers of the Blue Dragonarmy, Priests of
Takhisis and even former enemies of the Red Dragonarmy came together
and decided to correct this unfortunate course that Red was on.

Names that inspire sheer terror in our enemies hearts, the following
people are to thank for ending the years of indifference and neglect
on the part of former general Einar:

Amberlee, carrier of justice for the Red Dragonarmy
Avatar, carrier of justice for the Red Dragonarmy
Azgar, carrier of justice for the Red Dragonarmy
Conn, carrier of justice for the Red Dragonarmy
Draugor, carrier of justice for the Red Dragonarmy
Hisssss, carrier of justice for the Red Dragonarmy
Morrison, carrier of justice for the Red Dragonarmy
Nils, carrier of justice for the Red Dragonarmy and squad leader
Ramirez, carrier of justice for the Red Dragonarmy

There were numerous others, who wanted to participate in this event,
however were unable to make themselves available due to time and/or
location of the assassination.

Irrespective of the personalities involved in this conflict, heed to
this event as something that is bound to happen to those, who ignore
the will and wishes of those, whom they lead.

After consulting with Emperor Ariakas, as the new General of the Red
Dragonarmy, I am informing all people of Genesis, friend or foe:


* For the crime of not listening to the wishes of his subordinates,
  Einar has been sentenced to Death and dishonorable discharge from
  service in the Red Dragonarmy.
  Length of punishment: life.

* For the crime of usurping the rank of General of the Red Dragonarmy
  and retaining it on technicality for a period of three years, Einar
  is banished from the domains of Krynn and Ansalon.
  Length of punishment: 3 years, starting today.
  While free to roam in shame in the world, Einar will not be allowed
  free passage in the lands, which the Dragonarmies control, or shall


          General Zugzug Zolraag of the Red Dragonarmy.

27 Jul 2017 02:15
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