Tall Tales and True

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Tall Tales and True

Post by Postmaster » 29 Sep 2017 12:39

Originally posted by Zillian

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Dear All,
I would like to compose an epic story to be told by the Storytellers in
To make it interesting, I need to know more great feats and offices that are
not widely known across the Donut!

If you are interested, please MAIL me three unknown feats and/or dubious
offices that you hold.
I will weave them into a larger tale with everyone else over the course of some

By way of example, allow me to tell you that:
I am the Second Assistant to the Royal Otterkeeper of Thalassia
I am a TopGun Graduate of the Tantallon Griffon Flying Academy
I grew up an elven slavegirl in the pits of Tyr before escaping to Palanthas

I look forward to hearing about your feats and offices!

Zillian the Dark Elf

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