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Roleplaying... and the Actor's Club 
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My first time ever joining in the GenesisMUD, the very first thing I've thought
about was... (is this actually online or offline? I wonder if I'll meet
people). But after that, when I started actually playing for a few minutes and
found the 'Emotions' tutorial sign, I thought about being a respected
roleplayer, storyteller and a known actor. One that brings life to his
characters and one that brings story and meaning to each and everyone of my
creations. The very first times I've ever used the emotions and after I've
finally grasped <asay>, my determination has been renewed into something more
solid. I'm going to give my characters, an actual life. Ever since then, I
considered them my 'children', and by them, they considered me 'father'. I'm
not kidding, if only you guys can read on everything I've ever said, you'd see
that I sometimes talk to my characters as if they were real persons, and so I
led myself to believe that they are indeed, sentient and I am only watching how
they live. Sometimes, I type in what I think off right at that second only to
be surprised by what my 'characters' said. That only happens when I become
immersed enough at that 'character' that he becomes alive, others may
understand what the hell I said there... I give them advices publicly or
privately. To put it simply, I am a hardcore roleplayer the way I see it. I
just take it seriously. Then, I found out about the actors club after I started
exploring around the place, found this statue in the memorial park, went west
and saw this theatre. I read some notes but didn't exactly grasped the
situation. I was wondering how I can join, it was unclear to me, I was too
excited to look around that I forgot to look for a way to join. I could have
only pictured myself to play there. Acting as some lead role or some side
character, heck even a tree! Guys, I can only imagine what entertainment that
place would have given to people.
That's about my first start as an actual roleplayer... I had more 'children'
and gave each of them a story, a personality unique to them among their
'brothers'. They all have their features, their own preferences and their own
hobbies and mannerisms, weakness and strengths. Stories and dreams. The most
I've ever wanted was to express myself the way I shouldn't have been able to in
the real world. I figured I can only do it here in this game. Where I can be
who I want to be instead of who I am. Yes, unlike those cheesy movies, this
time, in this game, I want to be something else. Hmm... I guess it's like
'some' movies. But then, this is a place where we can pretend to be something
we want. Where we can make people believe in our stories, affect their lives
and way of thinking through our story telling, our acting... and how we take
our role play seriously. Sure, not all of us are into roleplay, some are in it
for the game and most are in it for the community. But some people like me, we
came here to tell a story, to act. We came here to tell people our cheesy lines
and cliche scripts. Maybe put in something new, maybe direct a play, give
people the entertainment they want. If possible, can you guys even make it as a
job where actors get paid to play! It will be a nice incentive, but then. What
I'm really after, are the emotes. I want more of those! I want to be able to
express myself more openly! More freely! Create a more solid picture of my
'character'! After all, the very first thing I ever check upon joining a guild
or club is the 'emotes' help. Then I could know what it offers and how this
guild can affect my roleplay.
I am requesting the revival of the Actor's Club! We roleplayers want to play a
special role to this wonderful community! We want to make something that is the
heartbeat of roleplayers! We want that title that declares us an actor, a
character with a life.

P.S I hope that didn't seem like something rallyist say or some speech on

13 Oct 2017 15:56
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