Plats Paid to Newbies

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Plats Paid to Newbies

Post by Postmaster » 12 Feb 2018 08:19

Originally posted by Zillian

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Dear Newbies,

The Librarians of the Storyteller's Club request your help!

We are trying to discover the minimum size at which Newbies can
successfully join the Club.  If you are willing to help,
please take a boat to the Club and try to join.

After your attempt, please send mail to Zillian and Goldbezie
telling us if you were successful or not.  Also tell us
your Mortal level (eg. wanderer, adventurer etc.), your
Intelligence level, your Wisdom level, and your Language
skill level.

We will pay 5 platinum coins to each person who sends us
this information.  (One payment per person)

So, if you are so inclined, sail to Pelagir and visit the
Club on the North side of the city.

Goldbezie and Zillian
Storyteller's Club

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