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For Sale 
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Originally posted by Jibjab

Oh hello people of the realms! I have an item of
great rarity up for sale!

This ivory box is hand-carved by a little old
human lady named Agatha in the exotic lands of
Harad. It contains the cremated remains of the
last shreds of Coark the Pube-Pirate's dignity.

Yes, that's right! The most rare item in the
realms right here, gully dwarf dignity! You
didn't even know it existed? Well, it doesn't
anymore. This was the last specimen to ever exist!
Don't worry, there wasn't much to put in there
so the box is very light-weight and compact.
It has been sealed with the world's finest glue
loaned to me by a tinkerer gnome so you don't
have to worry about getting any gully dwarf
dignity on your hands.

This box is truly priceless, there's nothing
else like it in the world right now so I will
give it to the highest bidder. Name your price!
I will also give it to whoever tells me the
funniest joke or if you have a good limerick
about gully dwarves!

By the way, Coark, it looks like your old note
you posted about my bounty fell off so I tacked
it back up for you!
 ___    ______________________________   ____
/   \/\/                              \_/    |
| o                                        o |
|                                            |
|                                            |
|   The Bounty just got 50 plats bigger.     |
|                                            |
|   Coark                                    |
|                                            |
| o                                        o |
|                                           /

Next time try to remember that tacks work better
than stale beard cheese.

My bounty is now a measly 400 plats. He promised
to make it bigger again after Kvator asked him
nicely to apologize for attacking small kenderkin
but I just checked the bounty office and it's
still only 400.

By the way, wizards, if you're out there I
think that your bounty office is broken!
Someone told me that they were having trouble
claiming a bounty that they earned fair and

Sincerely yours,
Jibjab Jingleburr

25 Aug 2018 15:41
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