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Where oh where 
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Originally posted by Plukragar

So you have increased the log ins to 1024!

This sounds so good, but have you really thoguht what that means.

I lead many teams of two or three smaller ones. And we find empty areas at
times now.

But lets take it just to the old 500 player limit.

Sure tutorial isle is 100% capable now of taking on 700 new players ... so that
is fully taken care of. All 50 rooms with 12 players in each room at all times.

But once they get out of the introduction ... where do they go?

I am one of the few that takes a pretty regular 1-3 newbies around. Grampal
probably has me beat. So lets assume ... 2 X 4 ... 8 total. 2 older players
with 6 newbies.

And I find areas empty now. I bet grampal has also.

But if he hasnt .... now lets fast forward to .... what happens if 200 log in
tomorrow .... currently about 3times what our game endures now.

Well in the 60-70 players awake times ... I regularly see mob issues lacking at
times ..... area is sort of clear or sometimes very clear.

But now we are at 200+ players times so what do we see now .... :) hahaha

I mean great you increased log ins to 1024! .... that is like 17 or 18 times
what we see now playing?

So me and grampal now are trying to help out 3 peeps X 17-18? ... our 50 man

Or well lets say others join in (MM helpers and SU helpers) ... and the game
has now ten 37 player teams ... that is only 370 peeps mind you .... grinding
to grow!

Are you sure you know what this means?

I dont think you do.

But I do look forward to the fun Jaezred has leading his 37 member SU team of
noobs :)

I know you have big plans and even tears in your eyes apparently ... but do you
know what could happen if this goes as you hope? We are about to see the
biggest exodus ever if you arent able to understand how the number of players
in game ramp up all the issues you think are solved.

At the worst possible time. When they are all new and wanting to enjoy.

Admittedly I am quite drunk now .. but I am pretty sure part of what I say is
quite glaringly deficient.

29 Aug 2018 06:47
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The game is capable of supporting 3 figure playerbase... it has in the past with much less of an offering for players.

But let's be realistic. The likelihood of a sustained 200 population in the near future is wildly optimistic. I'd personally be surprised at a brief player spike that clears 200. In my mind a great success from the PC Gamer promotion is a brief spike in player numbers in to 3 figures and an increase in the regular playerbase by 20% in 12 months time.

Still, doesn't hurt to be prepared and update our systems to reflect what they are capable of hosting. You never know!

29 Aug 2018 10:13
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