City guards!

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City guards!

Post by Postmaster » 03 Sep 2018 02:34

Originally posted by Sambril

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With all the thieves running around here in Sparkle, it's a great wonder the
city doesn't have a lot of guards around to protect the youngsters and their
hard earned coins. Two times today someone has tried to pick my pockets, first
a quiet dusty female human and then a dusky venerable male hobbit.

Keep your packs closed and travel with a light purse!

The funny part (well, not really) is that I saw both approaching, sneaking. But
in case of the hobbit I was powerless to do anything until he had picked my
pocket and wanished with a few useless coins. When it is that easy to pick
pockets, then all I can do is shrug and move along. Nothing I can do about it
anyway. Not even with a high awareness.

Travel light!

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