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Winner of the Storyteller's Summer Tales 
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Originally posted by Zillian

Dearest Scribblers, Talespinners, Readers and All,

We are happy to announce the winner of this Summer's tale writing contest
has been determined!  Step forward Aldarin, and take a bow!


This shipfarer was growing weary of his monotonous voyages--he sailed to
Sparkle then back to Gont, and to Gont from Sparkle, over and over and over.

One night, as his ship lay aground on a small beach just northwest of Gont,
Solander took his ship in the middle of the night as the crew caroused in the

Now, my friends, you must worry not about Solander taking this boat, for his
shipmates were not good people. Foul men they were, little worse than the
pirates that haunt the red sea.

It was difficult for him to crew the massive boat, alone as he was, but he
managed to right the ship and take it out to harbor. As fate would have it, a
westerly wind began filling the ship's sails, and this bore him onward out to
the west, where he had never sailed before.

Solander found his soulmate among his crew, too--a young girl named Elea. She
was a shipfaring lass at heart, and always quick to do a good turn. Some mocked
him for his choice at wife, for Elea was not particularly beautiful or comely
to look at. But Solander turned away his naysayers for a smile-- "After all,"
he was known to say, "I chose her for the content of her heart, not that of her

Solander, Elea, and their loyal crew grew old together. Indeed, they became
very rich as well. Not by pirating as his old captain had, but by transporting
cargo and passengers, charging them only that which they could afford.
Solander's skin slowly tanned and weathered under the sun until it was a dark,
wrinkly brown, but the kindness and joy in him never faded from his vivid green

Eventually, Solander and Elea were too old to maintain their crew. So they
alighted back at Gont--back where their journey had begun. They bid their crew
goodbye, and to his bosun Solander gave his captain's had, bidding him sail and
be free just as he had.

Their crew departed, Solander and Elea left Gont in the 'Westerly Wind' once
more and sailed off, with no true destination in mind.

And even to this day, it is said that if any sailor or swimmer needs help out
in the sea, when all hope seems lost, a westerly wind will bear him safely to


(warms the cockles of yer 'art like a stiff bolt o rum!)

Thank you to all who took the time to submit prose or poetry to the
It is nice to see that the Muses walk the Realms.

As always, we encourage you to join the Storytellers Club, enjoy the
of tales and contribute fresh tales of your own.

Goldbezie & Zillian

PS: Aldarin, you can claim your 1000 platinum at your earliest convenience!

20 Sep 2018 13:05
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