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Post by Pacal » 22 Nov 2018 21:14

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Oi! Etanukar

er a powerful brave mage, right?
Ye didn't run like a wee little child back to yer tower last time we met,
That was just yer way of discovering my "tactics", right?
I have a bit of a proposition, eh?
You and I, fight to the death in the center of Sparkle.
I promise not to bring a stick.
Winner gets the glory.
Loser gets the shame.
After the event, both parties stop all hostilities to guild members and friends
of the other side.
Effectively ending the danger for the smaller ones and giving this story a
proper glorious ending!
What do ye say?
Grab yer stones in the dark and give it a ponder.
The world awaits your answer ring-worm.

otsa love!


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