The coward.

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The coward.

Post by Pacal » 30 Nov 2018 06:20

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This is the response I received today.   
He wants me to take my notes down so I will do quite the opposite and add
here is the mail:
From   : Etanukar
Reply  : Oi
Date   : Thu Nov 29 14:28:56 2018

ou are welcome to come to Minas Morgul to claim your
reward.  The guards nor denizens will inhibit your travel.
You may also remove your note in Sparkle as I do not
acknowledge public displays of affection.

I take it by this mail that the ring worm wants nothing to do with a fair
Let it be known that the mages are cowards led by the fastest sprinter this
side of the misty mountains.
Etan, if you keep your dogs after me and my friends and dont accept my
challenge, I will kill one of your young.  End of storey.  That is my complete
reason for being now.
Be safe.

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