Actors Guild Nominations

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Actors Guild Nominations

Post by Postmaster » 11 Dec 2018 05:31

Originally posted by Coark

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Oh my! I'm both flattered at the nomination and also amused that my
psychological and guerrilla warfore tactics have had such a noticeable effect!

Of course, the part of the log you left out, Hokus, was when you and Syrk both
ran to Minas Morgul and Sanction, respectively, and idled until I
logged out.

However, I respectfully decline your nomination and instead nominate my own:

To the Red Dragonarmy, for acting like they are winning the war with the Neidar

To Hokus, for acting like she's a Red Dragonarmy soldier when she assisted
Zugzug and Syrk in attacking me unprovoked!

To Syrk for acting like he's running away from me to the Terel trolls every
time I attack him in Ghastly Keep! Oh wait, that actually happens...

Finally, to Zugzug, for acting like he doesn't live in his mom's basement!

For your insolence, Hokus, I'm now doubling my efforts to bring the Tyrant
Zugzug to justice!

He ran from Elder Pacal in Sparle, just like Syrk ran from me in Ghastly Keep.

The only hope is to call of this foolish war. Until then, I'm all in. All war,
all the time, until you and your ilk are destroyed
Axes High!

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