Rumours about Cumference

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Rumours about Cumference

Post by Postmaster » 28 Apr 2019 12:55

Originally posted by Cumference

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Greetings fellow citizens of Genesis,

A few of you know me, many more have heard about me, one way or another. I am
Cumference, I'm a Mercenary and a Believer in the Old Gods. I also enjoy a
little gardening and flowerpicking.

I wish to convey some information as it has come to my attention that there are
vast amounts of rumours going about how I, a small character (I am so far
expert) mananged to become one of the wealthiest players on Genesis, including
how I must have cheated and why this is not delt with harshly.

I did not work alone in doing this, but it was agreed that we would consolidate
our effort, economocially, to one person, so that if the administration deemed
that the money were 'ill-gotten' it would be easier to hand them over. We
expected that, when this was discovered, we would be required to hand over the
money we earned as well as see our experience gain removed.

Now, a few interesting things about this; We were not discovered. Oh, sure,
players noticed, but there were no response from the administration, no
comments other from the odd player here and there. 30.000 platinum. 50.000
platinum. 75.000 platinum. Nothing from the administration. Ok, time to get
some reaction. I contacted a member of the administration. I told him what we
were doing, how I had risen like a star. I also told him WHY we were doing

Within days (days, not hours) changes were appearing. Not any that would make
this money-making scheme impossible, just vaguely harder, but only vaguely.
Income dropped from 1250 platinum per hour to 900 platinum per hour. Still, by
far, the fastest way to make money on Genesis. And the original reason for us
trying to expose it would not be solved.

In the end, there has been made changes that solve the issue satisfactory, in
our view, and I've had my chat with Mirandus, the Arch of Players. Among the
questions asked by Mirandus was what I would be doing with my wast fortune, and
why we didn't spread this knowledge more widely. Well, my wast fortune is
mostly resting in the bank, some is spent on boats, some on food and drinks, a
little on repairs and of course, a little is spent on the auctions. Mostly, I
got it all in the bank. We didn't want to ruin the economy on Genesis, thus, we
did not set out to make everyone wealthy or buy loads of items on auctions.

We didn't break the rules, but we set out to make sure an exploit that was
already being exploited heavily was being fixed. The issue had been reported
before, but this was what got the issue adressed properly in our view.


The exploit:
Valars planting spell, rooms enough to get past an update in the rooms before
completing a herbal run, plant high-value herbs. Sell herbs, bank massive
ammounts of cash.

The reason for this needing to be exposed, in our view:
Tens of thousands of skunk berries and/or athlies being herbed up by a select
few over. Tens of thousands. Herbs that were supposed to be slightly limited
were suddenly wastly available.


Cumference, exposer of exploits.

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