Thieves Of Krynn

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Thieves Of Krynn

Post by Postmaster » 20 May 2019 15:04

Originally posted by Sypher

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Hidden in the lands of Krynn
There is a den of Thieves.
They hail from places you've never been,
And every place you've seen

Sneaking through the city of Kabal,
And pickpocketing in Earthsea,
Those shady members of the Cabal
Will leave you broke and cursing.

But money isnt the only thing
They take beneath your nose,
An imbue or the crown of a king,
Straight to the Auction it goes.

So guard your purse with your life,
And keep a close eye on your packs,
You never know when they may strike,
And fill their own lootsacks.


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