Cryptic Clue Game - 100 plats prize

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Cryptic Clue Game - 100 plats prize

Post by Postmaster » 02 Jun 2019 13:52

Originally posted by Zillian

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Gentlefolk of the Realms,

When not hacking the heads off those who are unworthy in your sight,
you might like to ponder the following cryptic clues to the names of
10 among your number.  The first to mail me the correct 10 names
will win the sum of 100 platinum, a miserly sum to be sure but no one
has to die so... so it goes, and the title of Cryptician First Class!

1. Mythological air spirit starts a new drow
2. Egyptian god frenches her dwarf
3. Initially largely unappreciated short mother elf
4. Stuttering german train general
5. Sounds like sea, else an old shipmate
6. Lo! Dutch be French or retired monk
7. mmm... crazy male rug goblin
8. Clap gets a upset dwarf
9. Chopped name chopped are a blademaster
10. Another look 'ere ye goblin...

You can send me incomplete lists if you are stumped.  The person with
the first complete list received before June 21st will win.  If no
complete list is received by that time, then supplementary prizes will
be awarded to the most complete incomplete lists.

Best wishes


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