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Post by Postmaster » 06 Aug 2019 05:09

Originally posted by Coark

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Greetings to my few friends, many enemies, and great many admirers:

Today marks the end of an era. I have been summoned. But before we get to that,
a few noteworthy items:

The Shadow Union - you made unreasonable demands and met with my axe. I made
your Voice crack and run from the fury of my wrath when he set upon me in
Ghastly Keep. I took your daggers. I killed your men. And there was nothing you
could do to stop me. Other than apologize and revoke your death sentence. But
that would be a reasonable thing to do. And you were unreasonable.

To the Red Dragonarmy - you started an unwinnable war. You thought stat average
was everything, giving no consideration to guild abilities or the skill of the
individual combatant. I chased Zugzug out of Sparkle with brother Pacal, and I
singlehandedly chased Syrk out of Ghastly Keep, again and again. By the resolve
of my will alone, I carried the Neidar clan on my shoulders through the war,
time after time. I wore you down and turned this into a war of attrition. And
dwarves love attrition.

To the Neidar Clan - tis no secret I was Thane for a day. It was by virtue of a
bug, and I did not realize I was Thane until Raelle attacked me. Considering
the Clan has a long tradition of Elders voting for Thane, I respectfully
stepped down as Thane, only to have Raelle take the throne by force, with no
regard for the Elders, and banish me. So I started my own Clan. Let it be
known: there is a tyrant on the Throne in Iron Delving. And the Free People of
Krynn do not tolerate Tyrants.

To the Fire Knives - you thought you were the baddest guild on the block. You
thought you were going to assassinate me and claim your payment (which I know
you already received, Draugor). But you forgot to factor in one small detail: 
me. I am just better than you. I let you think you were getting the best of me,
but all along I was stringing you along, calculating the damage output your
dreaded backstab, and considering various defense to it. The fact that I am
here writing this means I have discovered your weakness. But I shall not share
that publicly. Nay, I shall let others figure it out on their own. Bottom line
- you are paper tigers, and your days are numbered.

To the Morgul Mages - I outsmarted you. Plain and simple. Sheer intelligence
carried the day in that fight against Etanukar, the Lord of the Nine. Etanukar,
you thought you would set upon Pacal and Coark in wrath, but I was waiting for
you. With an obscure, odd little stick. Bet you were not expecting that. We all
know how the fight went - it ended with my axe in the Kings skull. I survived
more Nazgul attacks than any player in history. Literally multiple attacks from
Heli, Ratheus, Etanukar, Tharizdun. All of the active Nazgul. And you never got
me. Never came close. Hell, if this were 20 years ago, you would all be demoted
for failing to successfully assassinate a target. But this isnt 20 years
ago. This is today, where failure is rewarded by simply complaining to the
powers that be (which I know you did, Etanukar). But you never got me, and you
never will.

Due to the relentless attacks against me from Minas Morgul, Gandalf has
informed me I am incurably sick. Aye, the dark magic, he tells me, will
eventually rot away my flesh until I fade into shadow and become wraiths like
them. The only hope for me, he tells me, lies in the Undying Lands, among the
elven folk. Therefore, I shall join Bilbo and Frodo at the Grey Havens and sail
west, never to return to these lands.

I regret to announce ” this is The End. I am going now. I bid you all a very
fond farewell. Except Etanukar, Raelle, and Zugzug.

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