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Post by Manowar » 18 Aug 2019 18:33

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| Maggots,                                        |
| scoundrels,                                     |
| evildoers,                                      |
|                                                 |
| got enough of sweet tree-hugging elven liars?   |
| Seeing hobbits as pest infestation crawling out |
| of holes in the ground? Do-goodie humans appear |
| self centered hypocrites to you? Seems like you |
| see through the veil of lies spread around the  |
| realms. You're not alone! Glorius Army of Angmar|
| is a place to be. We offer you a bunk and tools |
| to deal with various threats, we offer training |
| allowing you to smash goodies to bloody pulps   |
| to make you feel better and free the world from |
| their sweet farts. Find us at Misty Mountains.  |
| You need to walk the path of darkness and be no |
| elf or have any elven blood ,that includes drow |
| too, Hobbit, Kender or any alike. Otherwise you |
| are welcome to join the ranks and trample the   |
| goodies under your boots where they belong. We  |
| accept both Full-time or layman soldiers.       |
|                                                 |
|                   Manowar,                      |
|                   Captain of the Army of Angmar |

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