Nine Revived!

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Nine Revived!

Post by Postmaster » 30 Aug 2019 14:27

Originally posted by Zillian

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(Looking East, it's not all shits and giggles...
... Mages have off days just like everybody else.)


Tumble outta bed coz the Orcs are all a-bitchin'
Polish up my ring of ambition
Yawn and stretch and plot to End All Life
Pump up my Power and my head starts thumpin'
Out on dark wings, the traffic starts jumpin'
Eight folks like me on the job -- the Nine revived!

Workin' Nine revived, on our way to End the Livin'
Barely gettin' by, it's all slayin' and no givin'
One Ring rules our minds and It never gives us credit
It's enough to drive you Undead if you let It
Nine revived -- dark service and devotion
You would think that we would deserve some magic potions
Want to move ahead, but Etanukar won't let me
I swear sometimes that wraith is out to get me!

I landed in Town, all the small folk scatter'd
There's but a dwarf in the street to splatter
Ear piercing screams should freeze him right in place
Grab him 'bout the throat and bring about his end
Writhin' beard of grey, lost grip on his chin
An' he swived, it so burn'd, axe hit, goner, Lost the Day!

Lurkin' Nine revived, from the Reaper, back unlivin'
Barely gettin' by -- Etanukar's not forgivin'
One Ring rules our minds and It never gives us credit
It's enough to drive you Undead if you let It
Nine revived, back to Morgul, spirits driven
There to respawn lives, dream the schemes, and not to give in
It's an old man's game, beware now if you mock it
Coz you'll spend your life blowin' sugar up his pocket!

Nine revived!   Lurking Nine revived!


This is to set the record straight on a widely misreported
encounter in Sparkle, from the point of view of Heli just
trying to get through his day.  Dwarves are slippery little
suckers... they oil themselves up as well as their axes!

Nerf dwarf body-oil NOW !!

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