Dagor Dagorath

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Dagor Dagorath

Post by Postmaster » 10 Oct 2019 11:57

Originally posted by Sly

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/\                                                               \
\_|                                                               |
  | Seek you news of the East? Of once again the rise of the fell |
  | Lord of the Dark?                                             |
  |                                                               |
  | The Tower looms over you, forbidding. Its doors are closed to |
  | you. The city silent. In the West, the sun sets into          |
  | antiquity and the shadows in the streets of Minas Morgul      |
  | darken and rise in quiet malevolence.                         |
  |                                                               |
  | So, denizens of the reams, think you are safe; think you have |
  | won? The Dark Lord's forces crushed by a mere hobbit and his  |
  | friends? Think again!                                         |
  |                                                               |
  | The ring may be lost, but the final battle is yet to be       |
  | fought and so will it be the fiercest of them all. Elves,     |
  | Men, Dwarves and the like, bow down, your new master calls to |
  | you. The Dagor Dagorath shall be your final stand and as      |
  | foretold in the prophecies of Mandos, The Day of Doom and     |
  | that which follows will soon be upon you. The End of Days,    |
  | embrace it, for it is your destiny.                           |
  |                                                               |
  | "Thus, spoke Mandos in prophecy, when the Valar sat in        |
  | judgement in Valinor and the rumour of his word was whispered |
  | among all the Elves of the West. When the world is old and    |
  | the Powers have grown weary, Morgoth the Black Foe of the     |
  | World, seeing that the guard sleepeth, shall come back        |
  | through the Door of the Night out of the Timeless Void; and   |
  | all shall be darkness, for the sun he will turn to black, and |
  | the moon will no longer shed his light. But the Host of       |
  | Valinor shall descend upon him as a searing flame, white and  |
  | terrible. Then shall the Last Battle be gathered on the       |
  | fields of Valinor. In that day, Tulkas shall strive with      |
  | Morgoth, and on his right hand shall be Eonwe, and on his     |
  | left Turin Turambar, son of Hurin, returning from the Doom of |
  | Men at the ending of the world; and the black sword of Turin  |
  | shall deal unto Morgoth his death and final end; and so,      |
  | shall the Children of Hurin and all fallen Men be avenged."   |
  |                                                               |
  | "Thereafter shall the Earth be broken and remade, and the     |
  | Silmarils shall be recovered out of Air and Earth and Sea;    |
  | for Feanor shall surrender them willingly. Yavanna will       |
  | rekindle the Two Trees, and a great light shall come forth.   |
  | And the mountains of Valinor shall be levelled, so that the   |
  | light shall go out over all the world. In that light the      |
  | Valar will grow young again, and the Elves awake and all      |
  | their dead arise, and the purpose of Iluvatar be fulfilled    |
  | concerning them. But of Men in that day the prophecy of       |
  | Mandos doth not speak, and no Man it names, save Turin only,  |
  | and to him a place is given among the sons of the Valar."     |
  |                                                               |
  | Take heed, at the demise of Men? There is no place for them   |
  | in this supposed world remade? But, believe not these lies    |
  | and falsehoods of the Valar. For it is foretold that the      |
  | truth will be written such and a far greater world beckons:   |
  |                                                               |
  | The Door of Night shall be broken and through it will come He |
  | who arises in might, The Dark Lord's Master, Melkor, but not  |
  | alone. For as the door breaks, released on the world are      |
  | those who served as faithful servants, but were locked in the |
  | Void, or ensnared in traps by the faithless and the vile      |
  | oppressors. And then they will march...                       |
  |                                                               |
  | Vingilote is sunk, Ancalagon the Black is risen. The hills    |
  | have receded, the Caves of the Forgotten are unsealed, the    |
  | fleets of the Numenoreans with their king restored set sail   |
  | for Aman once again. Across the frozen straits of the         |
  | Helcaraxe, risen from the gloom, their icy path shining the   |
  | way.                                                          |
  |                                                               |
  | The world is unbent! The host of the Valar and their children |
  | shall suffer their final demise. The time to yield is passed. |
  | Embrace your fate, the end is nigh, snuff out and lay waste   |
  | to the last remnants of elves and men, their thralls and      |
  | their sympathisers. And so too will Turin Turambar fall       |
  | again, the old world will asunder and a new canvas made       |
  | ready.                                                        |
  |                                                               |
  | And then will the Orcs and the Uruk-Hai join in the music of  |
  | Melkor and with the Flame Imperishable, the world will be     |
  | re-fashioned, as it ought, and the shadow of his thought will |
  | be upon us all.                                               |
  |                                                               |
  | A battlement before your battlements, a wall upon your walls  |
  | - the fortress of your will.                                  |
  |                                                               |
  | Hail Melkor, Lord of All, Giver of Freedom!                   |
 _|                                                               |
/ |                                                               |

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