To all who are new to the Realms.

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To all who are new to the Realms.

Post by diri » 14 Oct 2019 09:55

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Greetings all who feel new to these Realms,

I have travelled these lands for many years now and have come to
see that some words of advice and suggestions on how to approach
people here can be of use to you.

These Realms are built of many different lands, and in these lands
there are many different types of guilds and people. This is what
makes these Realms such an entertaining and rewarding place to 
live in. What I find most important is to emphasise the people in
the Realms and the interactions one can have when encountering

When travelling the Realms, you are not only living your own life,
you are also making impacts on the lives of others. Your words
and actions will affect other people. Your words and actions will
affect how other people view you. So choose your words and actions

First I would like to address the thing known to many as the 
Otherworld. My strong advice to everyone is to leave it out of
your lives here as much as possible. If you must tell someone
something regarding it, do it either when you are in private or
just whisper it. Do not blurt it out in public as it will often
annoy people. If you put your mind to it, I am sure you can think
of ways to let others understand what you need to tell them 
without using Otherworldly referenses. For instance you could just
say "Inattentive a moment" or "I must rest now".

The next thing I wish to address is guilds. Many guilds are much
more than just places to acquire skills and powers. They are a 
way to define yourself, display your alliegances, and above all,
find likeminded people who you count almost like Family. Joining
some guilds require time and effort. They demand work from your
part. Time, effort, and dedication. This is because those guilds
keep the Otherworld to a minimum, they offer a deeper way of
interacting with the Realms, and a way for you to become part of
something bigger. Also remember that a guild invests time and 
effort in their new members, so it will not only be you who has
work to do.

And now the Do nots. Do not view life here as being focused on
quickly growing. Yes, you will grow in size, but work on your
relations with other people while you grow. Make friends, make
enemies, learn the ins and outs of who is enemy to whom, and let
your life here become the background that forms you.

Do not run up to people and shove your book in their face, 
asking them to give you their signature. That quest exists as a
means to get to know people, not just to get their names.

Do not get angry with a guild if you are rejected when you apply
to them. See it as a way to grow and evolve. Let it be something
that gives you more focus to do that which you truly wish to do.

Finally, the Do. Do enjoy the Realms. Speak and interact with 
people, but leave the Otherworld outside of it. Have fun!

/Lady Diri Graathawk of Umarth, the Nightlady of Takhisis

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