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Re: Mother Poultry of the White

Posted: 03 Dec 2019 16:06
by Postmaster
Originally posted by Talon

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Reply to Mother Poultry of the White, on the topic of darkness and ogres!

I must admit that I am a bit surprised by your reply, Mother Poultry of the
White - did you just defend dangerous magic wielded as a weapon by a chaotic
monster? Your robes are White, yes? Well, the blood of young innocent
travellers goes well with white robes I hear.

The ogre is using magic darkness in a cowardly way against the only people who
actually need to light a torch to be able to see the road they are travelling.
Anyone else would have magic of their own to see through darkness, but they are
not the target of this chaotic monster because they are too strong for the
coward to attack them.

No, dear Poultry of the White, you should attack the cowardly usage of said
magic and not make indirect threats against the young defenseless travellers of
these Realms. I take it you want to come across as a mean and nasty drow elf,
but the colour of your robes should possibly, in my mind, make you consider
what magic is used for, and by whom.

On the topic of darkness in general: Magical darkness is much too common in
these lands, and ONLY because darkvision is much too easy to find and use.

Some guilds pay guildtax for the ability to see through darkness, but all it
takes is one ORDINARY imbued stone for ANYONE to be able to see though even the
deepest of magical darkness.

By your comment, Mother Poultry of the White, you display how magical darkness
is viewed in these Realms - it is something everyone uses with impunity. So
your very own guild is paying taxes for an ability that everyone else can use
at no cost. And you are defending it! How does that make you feel?

 - Defending the little guys rights to light a torch!

   Talon Black