What ya got to do to get a decent brew?

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What ya got to do to get a decent brew?

Post by vitwitch » 06 Jun 2021 07:04

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I stopped by the Inn of the Last Home, had a hankering for
Tika's spiced potatoes... ran into a dwarf deep in his cups.

He was complaining about the standard of brewin' in the
Realms and seemed to want someone to do something 'bout it.

I couldn't help him, being busy with my spicy spuds...
plus, you know, capricious Wizard and all that...
but I did promise to spread the word.

He slurred something about orbs and quests... blah blah
who can remember that kind of thing???

It Vitwitch of Larscursor

Anima plus est quam pugna

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