Banking industry news

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Banking industry news

Post by Tapakah » 09 Aug 2022 16:41

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Dear Donut Dwellers,

We're glad to announce another pilot that we hope will enhance your Genesis
experience! We are changing the way the money exchangers work.

Right now the fees for the banks were random, and at the whim of the
bank's coder. Not anymore!

Each bank in the pilot (which is the four banks in Khalakhor) starts with
a flat rate of 25%. Then, if there is no activity in that bank for some,
somewhat randomized, time, the fee may drop by 1%. We estimate the drop
will happen around every 4-5 hours. The lowest rate that the bank may
provide currently is 5%.

On the other hand, excessive activities of minimization and change will
affect the rate the other way around. Once again, subject to certain
randomness, but operations of volumes up to 100pc may send the rate up
by 1%, up to 500pc - by 2%, and operations above that - by 3%, the 
fee going up immediately after the triggering transaction. The maximum 
fee the bank may charge is currently set to 50%.

You can learn about the rates in the competing banks of the domain by
command <rates nearby> . At later stage we might be able to provide the
rates by the area of your selection, or in the entire game, but not at
the moment. In addition as soon as you enter the bank, the clerk will
inform you of the current exchange fee.

This only applies to the minimize and change activities. The deposits
remain to operate the way they were. The fees reset to 25% after each
game restart.

Once again, this is still a pilot. Any number mentioned in this post
may change up or down. Please report any bugs, typos, and loopholes.
Ideas and other comments are welcome as well.

Liege of Khalakhor.
We love self criticism - L. F. Vunyukov, "The Tale of the Troika".

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