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Palanthas III 
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Palanthas used to have retarded exits you couldn't retrace your steps on, and it was a dozen rooms. Anyone remember that? It's bigger now and slightly better.

When I worked on it in the early years of this millenium, I put out a call to all guilds asking what guild specific amenities they would like. Only one guild responded. That guild got something.

I'm working on it again, and I'm putting out the same call. What would your guild like in the city or surroundings? The more work you're willing to apply to it yourselves, and the easier it is to do, the more likely you are to get it.


04 Sep 2014 00:07

Joined: 04 Mar 2010 06:29
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A secret landing spot for our Dragons.

A bar or meeting spot with a permanent pax spell so any sort of negotiations or talk can remain non-violent.

A temple dedicated to the dark pantheon.

Somewhere you can buy statues of yourself, can take with you, and place for one arma. Make the statue an object you can imbue.

Have an alchemist where we can craft simple potions.

Have a jail for all the criminal KoS to be held in.

That is all for now.


19 Sep 2014 07:58
I can do at least one of these. What are your use cases for the statue? How about the imbues for it?

19 Sep 2014 13:42

Joined: 04 Mar 2010 06:29
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Statues would be a gift or a message to say, "I was here."

The imbuement part was for selfish reasons and an rp idea I had.

Which ones seems like a possibility?

20 Sep 2014 00:22
I'd personally like to see a shop or shops whete one can Create" their own descriptions for clothing and accessories. And allow them to be permanently added to the character when examined. Bring everything to one area, hair, eyes, skin color, fingernails, clothing, jewelry, tattoos and anything someone may want when attempting to customize. Also allow for someone to change their short discription with a wider range of choices.

More racial choices with the current Krynn racial guild upgraded to the standards of all others in terms of skills. Also titles for each race that are unlocked by more then just exp. For instance if you are a Qualinesti Elf and you defend and kill someone who is killing elves within Qualinesti, you have the option to set your title as, Servin Hissa the Defender of Qualinesti, Adept Mercenary, Myth, male qualinesti elf . By defending and killing multiple people you become a Hero, then a Protector. Also as in the title above differentiate between the races such as a Qualinesti Elf and Kagonesti Elf instead of just male elf.

*Guess I got too excited and didn't read the Guild specific amenities part. Would still love to see both in Palanthas though.

20 Sep 2014 01:15
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I have a couple of ideas but would it be okay if I mail them to you in game or PM them to you?

01 Oct 2014 03:04

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Perhaps, to follow Greneth's lead, in order to get a permanent fixture a person will have to complete a task for the shop keeper?

Might be as simple as herb for this in the wetlands of Calia or kill and skin a dragon etc.

Could be cool.


04 Oct 2014 07:32
The first new phase is in. See the general board in Sparkle or Palanthas' board. Those guilds that submitted simple enough requests that fit in with this phase got them. The rest are pending following phases.

10 Oct 2014 13:55
The shipline from Sparkle to Palanthas has been restored.

21 Mar 2015 23:06
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Mortis wrote:
The shipline from Sparkle to Palanthas has been restored.

Bestest. Thing. Ever.

Time is precious. Waste it wisely.

22 Mar 2015 13:26
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