Making non-magical items always save

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Re: Making non-magical items always save

Post by Anfalas » 05 Sep 2017 07:15

Luma wrote:This topic hasn't been discussed in a long while.

The matter was considered settled because newbies were no longer mailing the AoP about it because it was explained to them in the form of the Patrol guild. But here's the catch, those newbies didn't stick around.

A few months back there was a spike in activity and we reached 100 players of so for the first time in a long while. Thing is, it's clear many of those people didn't stick around. We are now back down at about 60.

I have a friend who joined Silverdale after the patrol guild existed, but still never left the tutorial because her items didn't save. She actually really loved Genesis, but she specifically stated that it was for that reason she didn't stay.
While this may be true for your friend, vast majority of games like these (muds/mmo's/etc) see a decline in activity in the summer months. That's just normal. I highly doubt the decline in stats is based on lack of saving gear. I'm sure Gorboth would love to show us his magical charts/graphs to illustrate this.

Having said that, I don't see the harm in having non-magical gear save. It would help the newer/smaller players of the game. The more experienced/larger players would not benefit nearly as much.

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