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Ghastly Keep

Post by gorboth » 04 May 2017 20:39

Huge congratulations to the wizard Znagsnuf for his lovely addition to the game - the Ghastly Keep in Terel!

Now that a number of players have found it and discovered it's secrets, we felt like sharing the good news with the game at large. Thanks for a wonderful and creative new area, Znagsnuf!

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Re: Ghastly Keep

Post by Arman » 04 May 2017 23:41

Nice one!!

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Re: Ghastly Keep

Post by Tarax the Terrible » 05 May 2017 01:33

Any tips where to find it?
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Re: Ghastly Keep

Post by Ody » 05 May 2017 01:57

Tarax the Terrible wrote:Any tips where to find it?
Look west of the cornerstone.
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