Kalad Road Map

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Kalad Road Map

Post by Mirandus » 05 Mar 2018 03:55

A lot has already been accomplished within the Domain of Kalad. Zignur
has done incredible work and I've done a bit too. So, we have managed
to move the Thanarian order back to the city in a new Cathedral. The
fight with Urian is more fun, dangerous and rewarding.

Over the next year here are some things I hope we can accomplish.

- We are coding the Thanarian Cathedral that will act as the home of
the Thanarian Racial guild as well as an area worth using to expand
one's combat expertise.

- The Cathedral will also act as the basis for a new quest that will
result in a new, much more challenging/rewarding boss fight with the
Deity Thanar.

The most ancient race in all of Kalad will hopefully make there
scaly faces known within the realms. A new racial option for the
realms will hopefully arise again and stand in defiance to the races
who believe themselves to have been the first.

- The Dark Alliance Riders Guild once existed within the realms of Kalad
with non-human wolf riders bringing terror into the hearts of the human
populace of Kabal. I hope to bring them back.

- As a counter to this, the Thanarian Order has begun to train clerics
who draw on the power of Thanar to strike back. This Human only evil
clerical layman guild will hopefully complete it's commune with Thanar
and bring terror to the "lesser" races of Kalad.

- I hope to improve on the Beggars Club and draw from the Shadowmage
trilogy in respect to how they operate. Acting as the eyes and ears
of Kabal, members would be able to figure out who has recently been
seen passing through Kalad and gather other forms of useful intel.

- Finally, I hope to work on the Desert, Salt Plains, and Giants within
the area to be reworked so they are more fun to engage and are a good
area to go and practice some combat techniques at multiple mortal sizes.

There are other projects I am working on that may show up in the realms
in Kalad or elsewhere, but these I will keep to myself for now.

I'm also the Liege of Cirath and am working on developing some plans for
that area as well. More to come.

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Re: Kalad Road Map

Post by Arman » 05 Mar 2018 04:46

I love road maps! Thanks Mirandus!

Exciting times for Kalad!

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Re: Kalad Road Map

Post by Mim » 05 Mar 2018 17:00


Poor Avatar who decided to leave the realms before all this.
I wonder if we will see him back again? :)

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Re: Kalad Road Map

Post by Manglor » 10 Mar 2018 23:10

Awesome news! Way to go guys!

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Re: Kalad Road Map

Post by Ckrik » 12 Mar 2018 22:00

Mim wrote:OMG

Poor Avatar who decided to leave the realms before all this.
I wonder if we will see him back again? :)
Oh I'm sure we will!

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