2018 Scavenger Hunt feedback thread

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Re: 2018 Scavenger Hunt feedback thread

Post by Kvator » 07 Nov 2018 23:14

Event was really cool...except for last 2-3 days that I've spent on checking spawn of some crap (literally).

So that's only thing I would change - make it shorter or split it somehow (for example - there is list of 20 items that stays for 2 days and after that new list is given while items from older list are no longer accepted) - so more hunt, less trade.

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Re: 2018 Scavenger Hunt feedback thread

Post by Tulasi » 10 Dec 2018 20:24

All kudos to Cherek & the AoE team for the event, it was AWESOME. although I think that the usage of extremely rare items, like the molten-bladed dagger is kind of stupid. Rare spawns, sure, impossible riddles, of course, but a heavily limited weapon that some even would like to use...
gorboth wrote:A scavenger hunt of this sort inherently relies on having a vast knowledge base of Genesis content. It is not at all designed for newbies, nor should it be, in my opinion.
True! BUT it could be possible to make a mini-hunt for the newbies. Items that might be a little tricky, 20 or so items vs the 100 or so for the "adults", and a low level range for the "kiddie-hunt"... Up to apprentice or something?

Otherwise, as I said, all kudos to Cherek and his team for this event. it was awesome!


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What's up with every big-player area being alignment nerfed from evil mobs to neutral or almost neutral while the good mobs stay good?

Examples like Ghastly Keep undeads and Terel Trolls can be mentioned on the "why are these almost neutral?"

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Re: 2018 Scavenger Hunt feedback thread

Post by Cherek » 12 Dec 2018 03:30

Thanks for the feedback, both of you. Yeah the number of rare items and rare spawns is probably something for us to evaluate for next time, among other things.

I am still skeptical about doing a newbie only hunt. I think there are three main problems with doing that:

1. Lack of demand. Each time I've tried to attract newbies to an event, very few have participated. It could of course be because we haven't done it right (yet), but personally I think new players struggle enough with the game as it is and simply have no interest in yet another confusing concept.:)

2. Risk of it turning into an event of seconds rather than an event of newbies. Anyone with a character of a suitable size who wants some bonus QXP for a newly started second will very easily beat the real newbies.

3. Too easy to just ask any experienced player for help. Getting people is talking is fine, sure, but but it doesn't sound like such a fun competition.

I'll happily consider ideas that attempts to solve these potential issues though!

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