2019 Golden Egg Event feedback thread

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2019 Golden Egg Event feedback thread

Post by Cherek » 21 Apr 2019 13:52

Feel free to post your praise, thoughts, and opinions about the 2019 Golden Egg Event here. What was good and what could we have done better? We'll take notes for the next time we run it.

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Re: 2019 Golden Egg Event feedback thread

Post by Zugzug » 21 Apr 2019 20:22

Thank you for not building in any form of slowdown mechanisms to make sure that more people could participate in the event. I, for one, am glad that someone solved the riddles in one day and the event is almost over.

Ignoring something for two days sure beats ignoring something for a week! :D

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Re: 2019 Golden Egg Event feedback thread

Post by Kvator » 21 Apr 2019 21:52

Cherek wrote:Feel free to post your praise, thoughts, and opinions about the 2019 Golden Egg Event here. What was good and what could we have done better? We'll take notes for the next time we run it.

- something new
- riddles were actually well made
- non-fixed event timer (this idea could be developed nicely in the future with some kind od trigger points that move 'more-complex' events forward)


- players with multiple alts had quite an advantage :) (not to mention that newer players were in a really bad spot for this one)
- I guess that 30 min 'freeze' timer could've been a bit discouraging + (in my opinion) made this event one to be played more outside the game (thinking over riddles / trying to get info via FB / discord etc) than in game (and I guess that the big idea behind events in general is to increase in-game activity).
- Technical issues with broken egg (in my case it wasn't big cause u reacted super fast, but I guess that in different gaming hours it could've been bigger).

all points are my impressions (that can be totally wrong!) + I wasn't 'tryharding' in this one (spent like 2-3 hours on it in total, not counting 'freeze' ofc)

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Re: 2019 Golden Egg Event feedback thread

Post by sylphan » 22 Apr 2019 06:00

Some of the riddles were satisfying. I think the structural limits the writer imposed (number of lines and rhyme) resulted in some pretty confusing ones, though. Parts of some seemed like a stretch, and if you didn't focus on the other more relevant parts, they were pretty misleading. Maybe that was intentional, but I found it frustrating. Of course they were solved pretty quickly, and maybe that's evidence I'm just grumpy or something when it comes to language. But I think if they'd been composed more freely, such that they didn't all have to be the same length or rhyme scheme (or - gasp! - not even rhyme at all), they could've been more uniformly good. That is, whatever satisfaction we were supposed to get out of the structural consistency doesn't matter to me, especially at the cost of the riddles being unnecessarily (in my view) confusing.

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Re: 2019 Golden Egg Event feedback thread

Post by Cherek » 22 Apr 2019 12:11

Thanks for the feedback Kvator and Sylphan!

Regarding alts, yes that's one thing to think about. We considered making a bigger pool of riddles, and each player get random ones, but I felt that would introduce too much luck. Another idea was to have have the riddles in a set order, same for all players, meaning you could not learn anything by participating with more than one character. On the other hand, that would also mean less trading and collaboration. However, considering the event turned out to be pretty easy when people started sharing information, we might want to think about making it harder anyway. Either way, I agree, this is something to consider in future versions of this event.

The cooldown was there to prevent people from running around and shaking the egg in every room. Without it, it would have been an event about who can visit all rooms in the game the quickest and not about solving riddles at all. So, there has to be a cooldown, question is of course how long it should be.

As for newer players, this was never supposed to be an event for them. Events that rely on Genesis knowledge will of course always mainly target older players. But not all events will be like that. I think for next event it will be something everyone can compete and succeed in regardless of Genesis experience.

When it comes to events increasing players numbers, it's true that this event was a little different in that regard. And I wanted it to be different. Most events are won by the people who has the most time to spend on Genesis during the event, which is of course good for player numbers, but we wanted to try an event where more casual players might have a shot too. And I think that part worked pretty well. You didn't necessarily have to spend several days playing 16 hours a day to do well in this event, you could think about the riddles while doing the dishes if you wanted to, without even having to be logged in.

You were the only one who reported a technical issue with the event, and like you said, thankfully we could sort it out for you quickly. It was also a very specific thing that happened, you feel from a cliff in a room with code that apparently randomly destroys something in your inventory, so a lot of thing had to go wrong for your egg to break. Still, adding code for automatic egg recovery, should it somehow be lost, is probably a good idea, in case no AoE staff is available. Now, if that was the only glitch for the entire event I think that's pretty good, considering it was brand new, and all new things tend to have some glitches.

Sylphan: Well, some found the riddles confusing, hard, or even impossible, and it's perfectly fine to have opinions about the style of writing, structure, etc, but like you said, it did not take that long for people to figure them out, making it one of the quickest events in a long time. So, I guess they were definitely not too hard. Overall I am very happy with how the riddles turned out, and I like that they all follow the same structure. I agree that imposes some limitations and perhaps did make it more confusing in some ways, which perhaps actually was a good thing considering how quickly they ended up being solved? But we'll of course consider your feedback next time it's time to write riddles.

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Re: 2019 Golden Egg Event feedback thread

Post by Alisa » 22 Apr 2019 18:19

Overall, a very good event in my opinion.

I love short events! This reduces alot of frustration over not being able to get the last once pr arma item :-)

Having a poll about start time was genius. I will ask though, does forum polls take alts into consideration? Can they?

I'm not so sure this event truly were against newer players. Most of the riddles were not that genesis specific, it could have been much worse.
Of course, there are knowledge that makes it much easier, an example is that Kabal has alot of Noble houses or existance and where the Wildrunner elves are.

I like that a position were shown, but not who it was.(egg list at beatrice)

The shake - Once pr 30 min is good. More makes less time spent on thinking, more on running around shaking it. IF you made the egg inform on range/right domain or such it also becomes an alt-fest. Making scoring on how many shakes also makes an alt-fest.

A fun idea for cooperation could be: You need to be two at the location to shake the egg, BUT you can only do one location with each partner. (also possible alt-fest, i know)

Anyways, happy and a good event.

P.S Making events longer to give "all" a change to participate will create arguments about those winning are those that can play 20 hours each day! I LOVED the quick and short duration of this. Instead of a 3 week event, i'd love 3 2-days instead. Even with repeats.
Or - Time it! make 2 batches of q's, and the players can choose which to join, and the fastest (of both) wins :-)

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Re: 2019 Golden Egg Event feedback thread

Post by Cherek » 22 Apr 2019 23:34

Glad to hear you liked the event Alisa and thanks for sharing your feedback and ideas.

As for the forum polls, you are allowed one vote per account on the forum, and each account must be manually approved and have a unique email address. So, while some people have created different accounts for different characters, that is pretty rare, and I don't think many have more than two. Most players have one account here. So, polls are probably pretty free from attempts to swing the vote in your favor using alts I think. Although there was this one person who once used two different accounts to agree with their own arguments on the forums. That was weird... but kinda clever too...

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Re: 2019 Golden Egg Event feedback thread

Post by TripleM » 23 Apr 2019 14:05

Hello all,

I think I will voice a bit of a different view bout this Event that I had started on and found intriguing. I for one am a tad disappointed the event is already over. Of course people can always decide what time one wants to spend on the Donut, in this case if you had some grown-up shit to do during Eastern like looking for real eggs that a (not so real) bunny had hidden, you were missing valuable time on the event.
In a sense of racing for the most rewarding experience, I am totally fine with that. People who put in the hard-effort should get/have a shot at the good/great exp.

I'd have liked the event to continue to be available for a lesser reward till a named endtime/date. I get that people would probably reveal solutions and the like, but if you make the pool of riddles bigger and make it a reasonable reward for anyone that participated and finished it, I think there would have been more visits to the realms if the Event would have run longer. Isnt the point that people are drawn to the game in general by events like this?

I got stuck on some riddles, dont use alts or discord for exchanging info, and basicly found out the hard way that there would be no chance to solve them myself anymore. I of course get that the event wasnt designed for me. I know that I by far am not the most knowledgable person bout the Donut, and that my chances to win it were slim to non-existant. But the riddles got me at least thinking, and I like the idea behind it all. I dont need to win, to finish it.

The way it was run basicly means for people like me, that it's better to not participate because it will always going to take me too long to complete it. I think that should NOT be the right conclusion about an Event that was so nicely made like this one. IMHO potential is being missed here.


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Re: 2019 Golden Egg Event feedback thread

Post by Jar » 23 Apr 2019 16:51

I mostly agree with 3M here. Hoping for some brainstorming and team effort, I've asked a few of my friends if they would be interested.
Unfortunately, answers were like "sorry, Easter", "Easter, leaving with family", "after coming back Monday evening" etc.

If you had proposed another weekend instead of weekdays opposite to Easter weekend, the poll could have looked quite different.

Launching that event almost on Easter Eve then closing in middle of Easter (thanks to those dedicated few) simply eliminated many people with families.

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Re: 2019 Golden Egg Event feedback thread

Post by Val » 23 Apr 2019 17:54

All said in 2 posts above. I couldn't particpipate. I definitely prefer events which take longer time, so I can adjust Gen and RL world in some way. I understand some people may prefer such hardcore approach when you fully dedicate 2 days and its over, but even so, running it at Easter time was really unfortunate for me.

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